Different Kinds of Metal Garden Edging

Metal garden edging can keep clear lines through your landscape by defining lawn-to-homebound areas, separating grassy areas from flowerbeds, and forming solid borders along croplands. This metal garden edging is typically made using thick 14 Gauge galvanized steel which is flexible enough to shape crisp, straight lines yet also strong enough to shape firm, even straight lines. This metal is ideal for creating separation between rows of plants in a vegetable garden, but it’s also great for keeping children’s toys on the grass and away from edible crops like strawberries. For these and other reasons, metal garden edging creates smart separation among your plants and flowers. The thicker the material, the more rigid your edging becomes and the tighter the edges will be.

What You Need to Know About Metal Garden Edging

In your flowerbed or border, metal garden edging creates a smooth, low-maintenance barrier that separates your grassy, damp areas from your flowerbed. Metal fencing can be quite effective, but it can also become damaged with water or wind and can quickly become sloppy looking. A well-maintained metal fence will still keep out insects, but it won’t look as crisp and clean-cut as a properly-installed, more traditional fence would. With a metal garden edging, you get a durable fence that can look great no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at it.

Metal garden edging comes in a variety of different kinds of finishes that are designed to resist damage from sun, rain, ice, birds, tree sap, dust, hail, and more. You can choose from many different types of metal garden edging, including different thicknesses, different gauge, and different colors. If you have a large, lush garden, you may want to opt for a thicker metal edging so as to ensure that no grassy, damp spots are left behind after you’re done gardening. If your garden is short and compact, you’ll probably want to choose a smaller metal garden edging in order to conserve space. You can also buy metal fencing that has been painted with different designs or a simple matte finish. Whatever kind of metal garden edging you decide on, you’ll find that it adds a lot to the look of your backyard landscape.