Accurate Scales Provides Easy To Use And Accurate Results

Industrial scales most often used in manufacturing, loading, unloading, trucking, logistics, distribution, retail, laboratory and food service applications are used by millions of people worldwide. Most commercial scales measure liquids, bulk foods, refined bulk products, semi-finished goods and other quantities. Some use only a weight scale, while others combine the weighing of products with the ability to measure them in different units. In addition, many scales come with additional features such as automatic calibration and auto shut-off, non-contact water resistance, non-corrosion resistant, and programmable features.

Wondering How To Make Your Industrial Scales Rock? Read This!

An accurate and reliable weighing process is dependent on the ability of the equipment to determine the weight of a particular item accurately. With advances in the design and manufacture of industrial scales, it has become much easier for them to provide accurate results and to eliminate the errors that commonly occur. The SportBoden company provides top-notch quality industrial scales for manufacturing applications and for a wide variety of weighing processes. They have been manufactured in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany since 1963.

The precision and accuracy of SportBoden products are unmatched and they also offer an extended warranty for a lifetime. One of the features that sets their product’s apart from other industrial scales is their touch-screen user interface. With an easy to understand interface, even a child can operate this scale. The built-in LCD display is great for showing pertinent information such as weight, unit price and more. The LCD display is fully customizable including colors and text.